Wine And Dine In San Francisco

San Francisco is a romantic city, and is a perfect place for dating. You have the benefit of a beautiful environment with old, kept up buildings that make it a treat for anyone who gets to go. Wining and dining in San Francisco is easy, and can lead to great dates.

Unique Restaurants

San Francisco is an eclectric town. You can find high end restaurants that serve only the freshest food, or small hole in the wall niche restaurants that can make for a unique experience. Take some time to research some of the latest restaurant offerings online or in local magazines to find the perfect place. You can also visit restaurant review websites to find the latest offerings, as well as full menus and price ranges. This can help you avoid sticker shock when you get to the restaurant and will avoid embarrassment if it’s out of your price range.


If you don’t want to deal with making reservations and fighting your way through a crowded restaurant, consider having a pre-packed meal in one of San Francisco’s beautifully appointed parks. You can picnic here, enjoy the sounds of the trolley cars and watch the sunrise or set, all for less than a typical night out.

After The Meal

After you’ve done the wining and dining, consider a ride on a trolley or a quick cruise around the bay. This is a perfect way to end a great date and just adds to the overall ambiance of the evening. It doesn’t cost a lot, but is super romantic.

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