Whale Watching

Whale watching is a form of voyeurism that is pretty harmless. Unlike typical voyeuristic activities, this doesn’t involve watching sex. Instead, it involves watching for women wearing certain types of clothing. More specifically, it’s when a man watches for a woman who is wearing a thong that peeks out above the waistline. When the side straps do this the shape is similar to a whales tail, hence the name whale watching.

Good Places To Whale Watch

Any place near a beach is a good place to watch for this. If you can find a small coffee shop that is busy, or a patio cafe near the beach access area you will have a pretty good chance of catching some whale tail. Try to go during busier times of the day when people are heading to or leaving the beach. The morning is a good time, and later in the evening as people are wrapping up their day at the beach.

Night Clubs

Many women dress this way on purpose to look sexier. Night clubs are a great place to watch for this as well. You may have to go early to get a table and be prepared to have to sit and wait. If you do, it could be worth it though. Just be aware that as the club starts to bump, the visibility will decrease.

Taking Photos

One activity that many whale watchers enjoy is taking photos. Just be aware that this is not legal, and if you are caught you can end up with peeping charges. While most women who dress this way on purpose are going to enjoy added attention, they probably don’t want their photos to end up in your private collection or online.

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