Planning A Valley Of The Moon Trip With Your Date In California

Valley of the Moon in California is a wine hotspot. There are several high end vineyards in this area. This can be a perfect place to plan a trip, whether you want a day trip or looking for a weekend getaway.

Wine Offerings

Visiting a vineyard or winery is a great way to be romantic. You get to enjoy lush valleys of grapes, take tours of old wineries, and get to taste the products. You can also purchase bottles of wine from the gift shops after the tour. This makes a great daytime date. Many vineyards will have small restaurant set up, and areas where you can enjoy a private meal that is serviced by their staff in the middle of the vineyard.

Weekend Trips

Several wineries in Valley of the Moon have bed and breakfast facilities either on the property or close to the property. This is perfect if you want to get away for the weekend. The facilities may offer different packages as well, catering to the event. This is a good way to plan a super romantic weekend and ensuring that nothing is overlooked. For a lasting impression, for an anniversary or other special event, look in to the honeymoon type packages that will include wine, meals, and tours. Transportation can also be provided at many of the facilities.

Best Time To Go

While many of the wineries in Valley of the Moon are open year round, it’s best to plan a trip for mid to late summer. This is when the weather will be at its best and you can enjoy the full extent of the vineyard.

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