Getting Away To California With The Girlfriend

Planning a romantic vacation to California with your girlfriend is easy. It can be great fun and a memorable experience if you put some thought and research in to it. You can plan a trip on any budget as well. Here are some great ideas for quick get aways to California.

Niche Hotels

Do you love horror movies? Check out some of the haunted hotels that are available year round. Would you prefer a bed and breakfast that serves only vegetarian cuisine? You can find this easily in California. The California tourism industry is cutting edge, and you can find niche hotels for just about anything. Simply use your favorite search engine to look for unique hotels in California to come up with a list of potential ideas.

Camping Out

California has miles of coastline to enjoy. Many of the beaches also allow campers. Grab a tent and make a weekend of it. Check the weather before you head out the door though. You can rent surfboards and try your hand at this, go para sailing, water skiing, and even take midnight moonlight cruises. Roast some marshmallows over a fire, and enjoy a camping meal. Once you’re done, you can retire to your tent, or just roll out the sleeping bags and sleep under the stars.

Road Trips

For those who have some time and don’t live too far away, a trek to California via car is a great way to spend time together. Once there, don’t be afraid to play tourist. Travel the state for a few days and just take tons of photos. This is a great idea for younger couples who have some time to kill.

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