California Cuisine Ideas For Your Date

California cuisine is different than other types of food you will find. The term California cuisine typically refers to very fresh and healthy foods. You can go out to a restaurant for this, or you can make your own at home for a night in.


Most people don’t think of pizza as anything special. However, with California style pizzas you are in for a treat. The crusts are typically thin and crispy, and usually made with a whole grain. The toppings are kept light and healthy, and the sauce isn’t as heavy as you would find with a typical pizza. If you want to try new things, trying a California pizza kitchen is definitely a good place for a date.

Macro Foods

Macro foods are foods that are grown locally. But not just locally to California, locally to a neighborhood. This type of meal is not only healthy; it helps to sustain the community on a very local level. It’s easy to find restaurants in California that grow their own vegetables and process all of their ingredients right there on the spot. This is a unique idea that you may not find elsewhere, and a great way to get delicious food.


While California brought us the popularity of Sushi, it has spread throughout the country. If you find a California sushi bar you can find a variety of fresh sushi that is hand prepared. Another aspect of the California sushi bar that is unique from other types of sushi restaurants is that they are typically long bars. Many people will sit together at the bar, and you watch the chef prepare the sushi right in front of you.

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