Beach Dating

The beach provides a perfect backdrop for any dating experience. Beaches are completely free, and they are open enough for you to find a spot to just relax. There are also plenty of activities that make the beach a perfect spot for dating.

Water Skiing

If you want to plan an active date that is unusual and fun, consider some water sports. Water skiing and Para-sailing are great activities that bring you closer to the water and allow you to have a great time without spending a lot of money. The equipment can be rented, and you can charter a small boat for this. It sounds expensive, but it’s typically about the same cost as dinner at a nice restaurant and dancing.

Sunset Cruises

A great idea for a romantic date on the beach is taking a sunset cruise. These cruises typically run nightly during the summer, and can be chartered during off season. Many sunset cruises treat you to a champagne toast on the water. To make it extra special, try to find a glass bottom boat. This way you can enjoy the natural beauty all around you while enjoying each others company.


If you aren’t in to boating or sports, a nice simple picnic in the sand can also be great fun. Pack your favorite meal and a bottle of wine (if bottles are permitted on the beach), grab a comfortable blanket and just enjoy a simple meal with good conversation. This is especially romantic if you do this at sunrise or sunset as the sky will light up brilliantly for you.

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