Wine And Dine In San Francisco

San Francisco is a romantic city, and is a perfect place for dating. You have the benefit of a beautiful environment with old, kept up buildings that make it a treat for anyone who gets to go. Wining and dining in San Francisco is easy, and can lead to great dates.

Unique Restaurants

San Francisco is an eclectric town. You can find high end restaurants that serve only the freshest food, or small hole in the wall niche restaurants that can make for a unique experience. Take some time to research some of the latest restaurant offerings online or in local magazines to find the perfect place. You can also visit restaurant review websites to find the latest offerings, as well as full menus and price ranges. This can help you avoid sticker shock when you get to the restaurant and will avoid embarrassment if it’s out of your price range.


If you don’t want to deal with making reservations and fighting your way through a crowded restaurant, consider having a pre-packed meal in one of San Francisco’s beautifully appointed parks. You can picnic here, enjoy the sounds of the trolley cars and watch the sunrise or set, all for less than a typical night out.

After The Meal

After you’ve done the wining and dining, consider a ride on a trolley or a quick cruise around the bay. This is a perfect way to end a great date and just adds to the overall ambiance of the evening. It doesn’t cost a lot, but is super romantic.

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California Cuisine Ideas For Your Date

California cuisine is different than other types of food you will find. The term California cuisine typically refers to very fresh and healthy foods. You can go out to a restaurant for this, or you can make your own at home for a night in.


Most people don’t think of pizza as anything special. However, with California style pizzas you are in for a treat. The crusts are typically thin and crispy, and usually made with a whole grain. The toppings are kept light and healthy, and the sauce isn’t as heavy as you would find with a typical pizza. If you want to try new things, trying a California pizza kitchen is definitely a good place for a date.

Macro Foods

Macro foods are foods that are grown locally. But not just locally to California, locally to a neighborhood. This type of meal is not only healthy; it helps to sustain the community on a very local level. It’s easy to find restaurants in California that grow their own vegetables and process all of their ingredients right there on the spot. This is a unique idea that you may not find elsewhere, and a great way to get delicious food.


While California brought us the popularity of Sushi, it has spread throughout the country. If you find a California sushi bar you can find a variety of fresh sushi that is hand prepared. Another aspect of the California sushi bar that is unique from other types of sushi restaurants is that they are typically long bars. Many people will sit together at the bar, and you watch the chef prepare the sushi right in front of you.

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Planning A Valley Of The Moon Trip With Your Date In California

Valley of the Moon in California is a wine hotspot. There are several high end vineyards in this area. This can be a perfect place to plan a trip, whether you want a day trip or looking for a weekend getaway.

Wine Offerings

Visiting a vineyard or winery is a great way to be romantic. You get to enjoy lush valleys of grapes, take tours of old wineries, and get to taste the products. You can also purchase bottles of wine from the gift shops after the tour. This makes a great daytime date. Many vineyards will have small restaurant set up, and areas where you can enjoy a private meal that is serviced by their staff in the middle of the vineyard.

Weekend Trips

Several wineries in Valley of the Moon have bed and breakfast facilities either on the property or close to the property. This is perfect if you want to get away for the weekend. The facilities may offer different packages as well, catering to the event. This is a good way to plan a super romantic weekend and ensuring that nothing is overlooked. For a lasting impression, for an anniversary or other special event, look in to the honeymoon type packages that will include wine, meals, and tours. Transportation can also be provided at many of the facilities.

Best Time To Go

While many of the wineries in Valley of the Moon are open year round, it’s best to plan a trip for mid to late summer. This is when the weather will be at its best and you can enjoy the full extent of the vineyard.

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Whale Watching

Whale watching is a form of voyeurism that is pretty harmless. Unlike typical voyeuristic activities, this doesn’t involve watching sex. Instead, it involves watching for women wearing certain types of clothing. More specifically, it’s when a man watches for a woman who is wearing a thong that peeks out above the waistline. When the side straps do this the shape is similar to a whales tail, hence the name whale watching.

Good Places To Whale Watch

Any place near a beach is a good place to watch for this. If you can find a small coffee shop that is busy, or a patio cafe near the beach access area you will have a pretty good chance of catching some whale tail. Try to go during busier times of the day when people are heading to or leaving the beach. The morning is a good time, and later in the evening as people are wrapping up their day at the beach.

Night Clubs

Many women dress this way on purpose to look sexier. Night clubs are a great place to watch for this as well. You may have to go early to get a table and be prepared to have to sit and wait. If you do, it could be worth it though. Just be aware that as the club starts to bump, the visibility will decrease.

Taking Photos

One activity that many whale watchers enjoy is taking photos. Just be aware that this is not legal, and if you are caught you can end up with peeping charges. While most women who dress this way on purpose are going to enjoy added attention, they probably don’t want their photos to end up in your private collection or online.

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Beach Dating

The beach provides a perfect backdrop for any dating experience. Beaches are completely free, and they are open enough for you to find a spot to just relax. There are also plenty of activities that make the beach a perfect spot for dating.

Water Skiing

If you want to plan an active date that is unusual and fun, consider some water sports. Water skiing and Para-sailing are great activities that bring you closer to the water and allow you to have a great time without spending a lot of money. The equipment can be rented, and you can charter a small boat for this. It sounds expensive, but it’s typically about the same cost as dinner at a nice restaurant and dancing.

Sunset Cruises

A great idea for a romantic date on the beach is taking a sunset cruise. These cruises typically run nightly during the summer, and can be chartered during off season. Many sunset cruises treat you to a champagne toast on the water. To make it extra special, try to find a glass bottom boat. This way you can enjoy the natural beauty all around you while enjoying each others company.


If you aren’t in to boating or sports, a nice simple picnic in the sand can also be great fun. Pack your favorite meal and a bottle of wine (if bottles are permitted on the beach), grab a comfortable blanket and just enjoy a simple meal with good conversation. This is especially romantic if you do this at sunrise or sunset as the sky will light up brilliantly for you.

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Coastal Fun – What To Get Up To With Your Date

Planning a date on the coast is an easy way to make a lasting impression while enjoying the natural beauty of the beach. You don’t have to spend the whole day sitting in the sand, there are plenty of activities you can take part in that are both fun and romantic. Here are a few things to consider when you want to plan a coastal date.

Sunset Cruises

A sunset cruise can be the perfect end to the perfect beach day. Many of these cruises can be chartered for just you and your date, or you can take advantage of a group trip and enjoy it with other couples. Most sunset cruises last for between 1-2 hours, and have champagne or wine served. Any beach area will offer these cruises, and the costs are relatively low.

Sporting Events

Water skiing, parasailing, and body boarding can all be great for a day time beach date. If you’ve never tried this, you can find companies who will work with beginners and make a lesson out of it. Otherwise the equipment can be rented for the day for you to enjoy.


While this won’t be right on the beach itself, many coastal areas have large aquariums nearby for you to enjoy. This can be a great way to spend a day, be able to get up close with the ocean life, and not spend a lot of money. Many aquariums will also have built in restaurants so you can enjoy the view over a meal.

Coastal Restaurants

Another great way to enjoy a beach trip is by eating over the water. Many coastal areas will have pier facing restaurants that allow you to enjoy fresh seafood while you watch the boats come in. This can be very romantic.

For the adventurous ones with an open mind why not try a swinging club, good atmosphere, monogomy is not for everyone and it can be a lot of fun.

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Getting Away To California With The Girlfriend

Planning a romantic vacation to California with your girlfriend is easy. It can be great fun and a memorable experience if you put some thought and research in to it. You can plan a trip on any budget as well. Here are some great ideas for quick get aways to California.

Niche Hotels

Do you love horror movies? Check out some of the haunted hotels that are available year round. Would you prefer a bed and breakfast that serves only vegetarian cuisine? You can find this easily in California. The California tourism industry is cutting edge, and you can find niche hotels for just about anything. Simply use your favorite search engine to look for unique hotels in California to come up with a list of potential ideas.

Camping Out

California has miles of coastline to enjoy. Many of the beaches also allow campers. Grab a tent and make a weekend of it. Check the weather before you head out the door though. You can rent surfboards and try your hand at this, go para sailing, water skiing, and even take midnight moonlight cruises. Roast some marshmallows over a fire, and enjoy a camping meal. Once you’re done, you can retire to your tent, or just roll out the sleeping bags and sleep under the stars.

Road Trips

For those who have some time and don’t live too far away, a trek to California via car is a great way to spend time together. Once there, don’t be afraid to play tourist. Travel the state for a few days and just take tons of photos. This is a great idea for younger couples who have some time to kill.

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Where To Find California Beauties

Finding beautiful women in California is not difficult if you know where to look. California is the land of beauty, with thousands of women flocking there for different reasons each year. There are several places you can look to find gorgeous, fit women in the state.

Beach Areas

One of the best places to find attractive women in California is along the coast. Since the beaches are all public access, you don’t need to pay any money to just go and hang out. Grab a beach towel and a good book and just go sit in the sand and enjoy the ocean. You can watch women this way, and approach the ones you are interested in.

Yoga Studios

Health and fitness is all the rage in California. One great place to meet women is at a yoga studio. Sign up for some classes and enjoy the benefits that Yoga offers while taking in the sights. If you go long enough you can work your self up to talking to some of the women that you are attracted to. Many gyms will also offer Yoga classes if you can’t find or afford an actual Yoga studio.


Acting is a rich part of the California culture. As some women try to break in to Hollywood, you can find them on local productions of plays around the state. This is a good way to take in some art while meeting women. Women are attracted to guys who can appreciate a good play, and this will give you a step in the right direction.


Hot babes love to get out and about, look in clubs or roam the area looking for parties, don’t forget to look online for Swinger Parties these can be well sexy and you could meet some real hot girls at one.

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